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Are you looking for video or screen content for exhibition, education, broadcast, marketing, training, or social media?  We work with large corporates, charities, NGO’s and universities and have many hours of broadcast and commercial experience and a broad portfolio.  We also make interactive VR and AR app content, animation, motion graphics, and 360 video.

We particularly like to be creative with post-production sound and vision and have specialist sound designers and creative editors. RedBalloon will develop concepts and scripts and take you through the journey step by step, from page to screen, factual or drama. The story and the audience is always at the forefront of our approach.


Team Work

Every production is overseen by our Exec Producer, Steph Farmer, and we are a friendly team with experience in all aspects of production. Our clients say they enjoy the experience of working with us, whether it’s a long term project or a short promo, we love what we do and we think that comes across in our productions. 


Specialist Knowledge and Collaboration

We also  have unique access to academic knowledge, in specialist subject areas from across Bournemouth University, and other educational partners. We regularly work with academics on research films and collaborate with universities to bring our expertise to projects requiring media production, recently working with Bath, Loughborough, Nottingham Trent and Western University Ontario for the PASCCAL project, Parallel Lines research documentary. Currently we are collaborating with Exeter University as part of  an INTERREG project with French partners, and clients such as The National Trust, Exeter Cathedral and Fougeres Castle, because we have particular expertise in creating media for historic locations.

We have worked with researchers from Oxford University Hospital Trust on several video projects that offer a unique way to disseminate medical research, and we are keen to explore collaborative projects with other educational institutions, and organisations. 

RedBalloon also offer young talented filmmakers from BU, the opportunity to gain work experience on professional projects alongside our experienced professional crew. 

Established in 2000 RedBalloon are proud to be the professional media production arm of the renowned Faculty of Media and Communication at Bournemouth University and our production office and edit suite is based on the Talbot Campus.


Parallel Lines - Documentary

A full-length documentary commissioned by the AHRC, to research and film top GB Para-athletes, as they prepared for Tokyo. What are athletes lives like in-between the huge televisual sports events of World and Paralympic games? How do they stay motivated? What are their training regimes? What does sport mean to them? Featuring exclusive behind the scenes footage.
of athletes lives and the media preparation, the film is part of a wider research project Re-Presenting Para-Sport Bodies; PASCCAL

When Dippy came to stay - Promo

The famous Dippy the Diplodocus from the Natural History Musuem is on tour before being retired to a new home! Dorset County Museum was the first to host Dippy on his historic journey around the country. This short promo film shows the opening night and events in the town the good residents of Dorchester gave their historic visitor. The promo captures the excitement he generated across the town, for every generation, young and old. He drew 150,000 visitors during his stay there....we're hoping he may come back one day and make the Jurassic Coast his final resting place.

Friends Drive Safe - Social Media Films

A series of social media videos and Instagram posts, these emotive videos were part of a media campaign to show how young people inadvertently cause the death of their friends because of bravado or ignorance. Following a series of tragic accidents in the area Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service wanted to find a way to reach out to young people to make them think twice about driving on alcohol, drugs, at speed or driving when distracted. The film has been widely used in schools and on their website. Short versions of the films were sent out on Instagram and FB teasers.
Winner RTS Gold Award for Best On-Line Production and Evcom Clarion Award.

Appello - 2D Explainer Video

Our client had a very sort time scale for this project and wanted us to produce something that they could use at an exhibition and on their website. Using a mixture of 2D images and animated text and graphics we are able to show quite complex information in a simplified and easily understood form.

Fougeres Castle - AR Content

3D Animation created by BU animators depicting a siege of Fougeres Castle in Brittany is now being used on an interactive AR app so that visitors can walk around the grounds of the castle and see how the battle took place in exactly the spot they are standing on.
We are part of a team developing further VR and AR content content for historic sites such as Cornish tin mines for National Trust and Exeter Cathedral with particular attention given to sound design for VR.
Funded by INTERREG.

CDE Science Museum - VR Promo

This promo for the Centre for Digital Entertainment shows our skill at making short promo films for the web. CDE place PhD researchers into industry and Ifengenia made an outstanding project that the Science Museum were keen to host as part of their Who am I ? gallery exhibition.
The film is used on the CDE website to encourage recruitment to the course and encourage companies to place a PhD researcher with them.

Magna Carta 800 Exhibition - Interactive and

For this important and internationally acclaimed exhibition Magna Carta 800, we created a range of screen media to reach out to different audiences but linked by the themes of freedom and rights. The touch screen spinning globe, shows the number of people across the world, imprisoned without trial. A further touch screen shows the Magna Carta document in extreme close up - you can even see a grain of grass seed stuck to a piece of the parchment! An animation - The Story of King John,
My Charter a film for and featuring young people and Freedom - an Immersive video, completed the commission for Salisbury Cathedral/ Hayley Sharpe Design.
Winner Royal Television Society Award Gold for
Best Exhibition Film and Best Post Production.


Loyal & True - Dog Shampoo Advertisement

They say never work with children or animals! But we have to say these furry friends were amazing and it was a really fun shoot. Our client was launching a new product and really wanted something that would stand out from the crowd. So we thought who better to tell you about a dog shampoo than the dogs themselves!
It was one of the hottest days of the year - so the shoot was a little complicated because Captain Pugwash - the Pug - really preferred to be in his air conditioned van - but we got through it and all credit to the dog handlers who helped make the shoot go so well.




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